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Organization Chart

Organizations & Their Functions 

The Trial Management Office

1. Responsible for the construction of standardized trial management;

2. Responsible for case quality control, process management, judicial situation analysis and judicial statistics work;

3. Responsible for litigation guidance, case filing registration, litigation data transfer, handling the deferred payment, reduction or exemption of litigation fees, arranging the schedule of trials, and other filing services;

4. Responsible for complaint letters and visits and judicial aid;

5. Responsible for judicial openness and judicial publicity; and

6. Responsible for the daily work of the Judicial Committee and of the Council of Judges.

The Judicial Administration Office

1. Responsible for organizing, coordinating and dealing with judicial affairs, handling related meeting affairs and reception affairs, and supervising the handling of important matters;

2. Responsible for handling clerical and secretarial affairs, text printing, maintenance of the confidentiality of classified information, management of the use of seals, and looking after archives and books;

3. Assisting in the work related to the NPC deputies' motions and CPPCC members' proposals;

4. Responsible for investigations and researches, drafting synthesized materials and editing the information bulletin, and collecting data for the compiling of the work memorabilia of this Court;

5. Responsible for the management of materials and equipment of this Court, and the information construction and trial court construction of this Court;

6. Responsible for litigation fee management and other financial affairs;

7. Responsible for judicial expertise and other professional technical work; and

8. Responsible for the related professional research and other related matters.

The Personnel Supervision Office

1. Responsible for political and ideological work, organizational and personnel affairs, salaries and benefits, education and training, controlling the institutional size, commendations and rewards, management of matters related to going abroad (or going out of the territory), retirees and contract personnel, and management of the work related to the trade union, the Communist Youth League, and women;

2. Responsible for the daily work of the Judge Appraisal Committee;

3. Responsible for developing a clean government system and supervising its implementation and for investigating cases related to the violation of Party or government disciplinary rules or judicial disciplinary rules and meting out punishments to the violators;

4. Handling letters, visits and complaints that sue or report on the malpractice or violation of disciplinary rules committed by staff members of this Court;

5. Responsible for other tasks assigned by the higher-level political or discipline inspection department; and

6. Responsible for the related professional research and other matters.

The Executive Board

1. Responsible for executing legal instruments that have gone into effect upon the first instance and other legal instruments in effect which, pursuant to the provisions of the law or of judicial interpretations, shall be executed by this Court;  

2. Responsible for executing the ruling made by this Court with respect to property preservation, preservation of evidence and advance execution;  

3. Responsible for the performing other execution-related tasks assigned by the higher court to this Court for fulfillment; and

4. Responsible for the related professional research and other matters.

The Judicial Police Brigade

1. Responsible for managing the judicial police and judicial policing work of this Court, serving the relevant legal instruments and escorting the relevant personnel, and performing on-guard duty while a court trial is in process and participating in the relevant execution;

2. Responsible for safeguarding the security of this Court and taking care of the firearms, ammunition and equipment; and

3. Responsible for the related professional research and other matters.